Want to feel rich instantly? Think of the peaks of the past!

Think about all the situations where someone or something created massive value for you – and even better where you created massive value for each other.

Those moments are the very peak of life. And those are moments are you want to remember.

Those are the momenters which will make you feel rich instantly!

Those are the moments that will make you feel greatful.

These peaks of the past are also what you can replicate for future value creation, for  peaks of the future.

Let us make it more concrete.

Say, you are to meet with an old friend that you haven’t see for a while.

How would you go about making sure that you have a good time, that you will satisfy each others needs, that you will have a peak experience?

Thinking about a past peak will be helpful in two ways. It will most likely remind you of how, and by that I mean by which manner, viehcle and stategy, you have previously been able to satisfy each others needs. And at the same time it will put you in a great state where you are more likely to satisfy each others needs, and create a new peak of life.

Hope this will help you. Enjoy!

stainless steel flask beside brown and silver binoculars
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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